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Bernett Capital Management, LLC offers a conglomerate of finance and education services, primarily to the clients of its subsidiary referenced at the website’s home page; it also sells courses and books to pre-qualified individuals.

To pre-qualify, you either must: (1) be a client of Bernett Capital Management, LLC; (2) a client of its subsidiary; or (3) have been referred by a client. No exceptions will be made.

Sales will be made at the discretion of the seller and nothing on this website should be construed as a sale offer. Sales will only be made to New York State residents.

At this time, items and list prices will not be advertised on this website. To learn about enrolling in courses for trading strategies and obtaining pricing information, please send an e-mail to:

You may purchase a monthly report unrelated to your personal financial circumstances only if you have signed a contract with Bernett Capital Management, LLC regarding monthly reports and have received authorization from the Chief Executive Officer to purchase monthly reports: